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Chatham House to Release Breakthrough Report On Global Impact of Response to Illegal Logging

Thursday, 15 July
10:00-11:30 am, Royal Society, London UK

The results of the most comprehensive attempt ever made to measure the scale and effectiveness of the global response to illegal logging over the last 12 years will be released by Chatham House on Thursday, 15 July.

The historic report, Illegal Logging and Related Trade: Indicators of the Global Response, the result of more than two years of research, examines and analyses efforts to control illegal logging on five continents—in nations that consume, produce and process wood and wood products.

Produced by experts assembled by Chatham House from across the globe, the new report reviews all aspects of the timber trade and provides the first clear snapshot of the global impact of initiatives worldwide aimed at stemming illegal logging. The authors used innovative indicators that they tested in preliminary studies to measure not only the sheer volume of timber affected, for instance, but the influence of actions taken by advocacy groups, consumers, industry, national governments, and forest communities in the high-stakes battle to stop the destruction and degradation of the world’s most vulnerable forests.

Banner photo (Credit: Environmental Investigation Agency)


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